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Experience in quality management

2019/4/6      view:
Experience in quality management
1. Single quality problem is solved on site.
2. The solution of single quality problem shall be completed by the field engineer.
3, a single quality problem should be solved by the quality of the unit or department, not by the next process to solve.
4. The root of quality problems lies in the management ideas of the company's top management.
5. It is a long-term process to solve quality problems.
6. The senior management of the company should set up a quality management (QC) team and carry out activities effectively.
7, to improve product quality must have a clear implementation (improve the execution).
8. Site management should start from quality. Field management without improvement in quality can only be "pseudo-field management" and "invalid" field management. The quality of the site management should not be judged by whether the site is "clean" and "beautiful", but by whether the product quality is guaranteed.
9. In today's fast-paced production environment, quality problems cannot be solved by "man-to-man" method, but by quality system.
The primary task of a manager is to establish requirements and provide methods to achieve them, and then focus on the process of achieving them.
Quality factors are not "fine", but "key points" of control. Our foundation management is not about how small, but whether we can control "critical points".
12, the quality of equipment elements directly affect our current level of quality.